Open Trainings and In-Company, Webbased Trainings, Distance Learning, Kongresse.


Applied Research, development of methodologies, publication of books and articles.


Consulting, Audit, Fraud Investigation, Riskmanagement, terceirization of processes.


Certification of persons and systems.


Platforms for whistleblower, digital investigations, virtual campus, riskmanagemnet.


Marketplace for products and services in the area of audit, risk and compliance.

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We are dedicated and specialized in the areas of audit, riskmanagement and compliance.


Institute ARC is a Think Tank specialized in the areas of Audit, Risk and Compliance. Our main objective is to empower people and support companies with knowledge transfer in order to make them more competitive, ethical and prepared to face the challenges of the globalized market in constant transformation.

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O Instituto ARC conta com uma equipe própria mas também de docentes e consultorres externos. Conhece as pessoas que fazem parte do Instituto ARC.
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Certified Expert in Compliance (CEC)

Certification of Compliance Officer

Legal Norm Management

create a more efficient governance

Congress Integra

Biggest event of audit, risk and compliance in the south of Brazil

Parametrized Risk Analysis

Objective, consistent and pragmatic methodology

Canal de Denúncia

Protege sua empresa
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Usa seu tempo de almoço mais eficiente e ganha conhecimentos